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ZipAlerts - Hosted Job Alerts

Better email alerts, better candidate engagement and an amazing new source of revenue for publishers.

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Quality Jobs Sent Daily

We send the email. You get the credit.

  • Millions of new jobs from the best publishers
  • Custom branded alerts sent to your job seekers
  • Your own jobs promoted within every email
  • Full CAN-SPAM compliance and list management
  • Deliverability monitoring and optimizations
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Unlimited Earning Potential

More Alerts = More Revenue

Job alerts generate an average of $5 to $10 per 1,000 emails sent. You’ll receive a % of every dollar of revenue and your earnings will increase as we send more email, increase click rates through testing and add more buyers of traffic.

Scientifically Better Results

Winning Combinations Through Testing

We continually optimize every aspect of our job alerts including: template design, subject lines and sophisticated job matching algorithms. The result is better matches, higher user engagement and more revenue per email.

It's Science!

Optimized for Mobile Users

50% of Users Read Alerts on Mobile Devices

ZipRecruiter job alerts and the alert management website are optimized for mobile devices. Alerts resize to fit on smart phones and tablets. This leads to higher clicks and more revenue.

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