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Why ZipAlerts?

  • The largest and highest quality email list of job seekers on the web

    Our candidate pool is an in-house email list with millions of job seekers who have signed up to receive daily job alert emails from us.

  • The smartest job matching algorithm anywhere

    We have ex-Google AI engineers (seriously!) who focus 100% on our algorithm that matches your jobs to individual job seekers, resulting in better qualified and more engaged candidates.

  • We work with your existing ATS and/or job advertising programs

    Already using an ATS? Promoting jobs through another provider? No problem - we’re compatible with any structure.

  • More conversions + lower cost = stronger ROI

    We provide what’s important to you: quality candidates to your jobs at a price that makes sense.

  • You set your budget, we do the rest

    Our account managers will constantly adapt your campaign to support the changing needs of your business. You can track your spend with our full-featured reporting dashboard.

How Does ZipAlerts Work?

1. Candidates sign up to receive our daily “Job Alert” emails.

Job seekers sign up to receive email alerts directly on ZipRecruiter or through one of our partners.

2. We match and email your jobs to specific candidates on our list.

Using our 1:1 intelligent job matching algorithm, we email your positions to the right job seekers at the right time.

3. Candidates click and are sent to your job on your website

You only pay for candidate visits. Applications go directly into your ATS where you can track results directly.

We provide campaign tracking so you’ll always know your ROI.

Email Targeting Works. Here’s Why.

  • The right job, to the right person, at the right time.

    Instead of candidates going to a job board and seeing hundreds or thousands of jobs, email allows us to precisely target job seekers with a handful of positions that match exactly what they’re looking for.

  • Permission-based marketing drives better results.

    We’re sending your job openings to people who have actually requested to get them. For you, this means better engagement and higher click-to-application rates.

  • Email has a 135% better ROI vs. keyword ads on average.1

    Email simply provides a better return on investment when compared to other marketing channels.

ZipAlerts vs. The Competition

More than 4 billion job alert emails were sent through ZipAlerts last year!

  ZipAlerts by ZipRecruiter Competitors


Intelligently targeted clicks = more candidates at a lower cost


Less targeted campaigns means a worse ROI

Candidate Value


Better targeting means higher quality candidates


High numbers of low quality clicks

Candidate Targeting

Highly Targeted

Permission-based emails powered by a 1:1 job matching algorithm

Broadly Targeted

Shotgun-style search ads, simple 'keyword' targeting

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1 Source: http://www.sociallystacked.com/2013/07/infographic-of-the-day-email-marketing-facts-stats

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